ATTENTION: This is a private website for presenting to potential buyers, the brand new product for woodworkers: GlueGuides™
designed and created by:
Andrew Shimanoff, Tool Designs

GlueGuides™ are a brand new product which will be ready for large scale manufacturing, marketing and sales in spring of 2013
This private website is only announced to potential buyers of the entire GlueGuides™ product, which includes all associated GlueGuides™ ad flyers, instruction sheets, the plastic injection mold that produce the actual product, the suggested wholesale price lists, the website GlueGuide domain name as part of the sale, plus a legal transfer of the rights of the provisional patent to your company.


The following image shows the suggested wholesale price list for the GlueGuides package. The name and address will be changed to the buyer's marketing name and place of business. The prices are a temporary guide to what you should expect when selling wholesale to the companies that sell woodworking products, such as Home Depot, Lowes, TruValue, Ace, Sears, Woodworker's Supply, Lee Valley Tools, Graingers, Woodcraft, etc. The new owner will adjust prices according to current marketing demands.




The following image is the product cover sheet for the GlueGuides package.
(This image and design can be modified to fit the buyer's personal marketing plan)



The next image is the inside instruction sheet for the GlueGuides package.
(This image and design can be modified to fit the buyer's personal marketing plan)


©2013 (Your Company Name Goes Here)


The next image is a photo of the GlueGuides Plastic Injection Mold. This no ordinary piece of equipment that you carry around in the back of your car, it is solidly built and it does its job in the plastic injection factory of your choice. You can move it to wherever is most convenient for you. It is brand new and will produce hundreds of thousands of products. The injection mold is guaranteed for the first 500,000 sets. As you may notice, each injection pass produces all 8 glue guide caps per cycle.



As previously mentioned, the sale of this invention will include the plastic injection mold that actually is used to manufacture the product. Also included are all the sales sheets, photos, instructions, etc. so that you'll have to change only the owner name and address. You can move the manufacturing to any company that has plastic injection presses, which is found in almost every state in the country, or you can leave it at the original company located in Oregon, and have the parts sent to your preference. The sale also includes the internet domain titled "" where you can set up either a sales website for information to wholesalers, or even direct sales to new customers.

For more information, send an email to, and request a time to discuss any questions you have. The inventor of this product is a FULL TIME INVENTOR, and has no interest in the sales and marketing of his designs. His job of designing the product is to prepare it so ANYONE can come in and start the sales and marketing of the tool without any need to focus on upgrading, redesigning, literature, etc. that normally comes with the development of a new idea. All you have to do is order the tool from the plastics manufacturer, package it, and ship to your wholesalers. The nitty gritty is done. The inventor will work with you for 3 months to help with any changes needed in adding your logo or bar code, updating addresses, etc., or dealing with the plastics manufacturer, or any issue you wish to discuss. The inventor doesn't work with marketing and advertising.

THIS PRODUCT HAS NO COMPETITION!!!! That's right, but you ask are there other glue application products out there, and the answer is yes, but here is your advantage. There are very few glue application products, and all are SPECIALTY glue applicators which on only used in very specific cases. GLUE GUIDES is the first and only product that applies to 95% of all NORMAL wood gluing needs. In other words, these glue caps are used almost all the time in woodworking since most gluing projects use edge gluing, dowel gluing, biscuit gluing, and rabbet joints. Plus GLUE GUIDES caps are all hexagonal shaped for easy removal with a wrench if they get stuck on the glue bottle, and all woodworking glue caps get stuck eventually. These glue guides are professional glue applicator tools, and are in a unique position to enter the market with essentially NO COMPETITION.


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